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Shirley White

Msc, DIC


Shirley joined Black Gazelle in 2012 to support the Black Gazelle team in the delivery of virtual workshops and events of all kinds.

She takes care of the administrative side of the work, provides technical assistance and generally assists Ghislaine and her team wherever she can. She enjoys her role very much and she likes making sure that everything runs smoothly. She has specialized in the technical facilitation of virtual events since January 2011.

Previously Shirley has worked for 27 years as computer analyst and developer with the Royal Bank of Scotland. She left RBS in October 2010 when she volunteered for early retirement as her job was being out sourced to India. She graduated from Newcastle University with an Honours degree in Engineering Geology in 1980 and then completed an Msc in Engineering Geology from Imperial College London in 1983. Between her academic courses she worked as a Geotechnical Engineer for Faircloughs in Lancashire, England.