Our approach is highly flexible and highly tailored to your needs. Hence our solution to your challenge will be unique. The training is designed in a way that ensures most effective use of the participants' time, with maximum learning in a minimum of time. On request we offer modular training solutions specifically dovetailed with your specific needs. However we wish to help you figure out how we help and offer below a few examples of challenges you might have, with the possible solutions we might offer. Should your challenge not be represented below, please do contact us and we will be happy to explore your needs and discuss a suitable approach with you.

We have designed a process of engagement carefully balancing synchronous and asynchronous communication to maximize the learning impact.

For the asynchronous element, we have developed our own platform, The Black Gazelle Meeting Space, which is highly secure and and can be used for our training programs as well as by our clients for their specific virtual projects (e. g. strategy work, innovation projects, etc.).

We feel that many companies still underestimate the power of asynchronous communication. We aim to encourage our clients to experience this power through our programs.

If you would like a demonstration of the platform, please contact us.

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